ILFU 2016 in retrospect


This was International Literature Festival Utrecht 2016! On Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd the Post Office Neude was the literary heart of the Netherlands.

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ILFU 2016 timetable now online!


The programme of International Literature Festival (ILFU) is now completed. With appearances from PJ Harvey, Connie Palmen, Zia Haider Rahman and Reif Larsen this weekend is going to be the literary peak of the year. And with every festival comes a timetable!

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Literary Film Theater: Jonathan Coe introduces Umberto Eco documentary


‘My own surname may be an anagram of Eco’s but sadly our relationship never got any closer than that,’ writes ILFU selection author Jonathan Coe on his hero Umberto Eco, who passed away this year. Coe will introduce the Umberto Eco documentary on Saturday April 23rd at 4.15 pm in the Literary Film Theater.

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City Symposium with Renata Adler 'Storytelling and the City'


In addition to her appearance at the ILFU on Saturday April 23rd, the American author, journalist and film critic Renata Adler is Writer-in-Residence 2016 with the Centre for Humanities. On Friday April 22nd Adler will discuss ‘Storytelling and the City’ with Simon Cook, professor at the Utrecht University. The symposium is open for questions from the audience.

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PJ Harvey opens ILFU 2016!


PJ Harvey opens the International Literature Festival Utrecht in the monumental former Post Office Neude on Friday April 22nd, with a reading from her debut collection of poetry, The Hollow of the Hand.

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Zia Haider Rahman, Jonathan Coe & other new festival authors announced


Sunjeev Sahota, Jonathan Coe, Zia Haider Rahman and Michael Muhammad Knight are added to the ensemble of novelists who will appear during ILFU 2016! Also announced: the lauded Syrian author Samar Yazbek will give a lecture on Saturday April 23rd on her role as a writer before and after the Syrian revolution. ‘What is people of flesh and blood become more important than fictional characters, up to which point in the battle can fiction still play a meaningful role?’

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