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Alejandro Zambra


(c) Alexandra Edwards

Alejandro Zambra (1975) grew up in Pinochet’s Chile, which has strongly influenced his writing. His own memories and emotions intertwined with political themes often form the basis of Zambra’s work. He is the author of many novels including Bonsai, The Private Lives of Trees, Ways of Going Home and the collection of stories My Documents. He is considered to be the most important Latin American author writing today and has received many prizes, including the Prince Claus Award for his entire oeuvre. Zambra is not afraid to experiment: his novel Multiple Choice (Karaat, 2016) has been structured as a multiple-choice test where the reader is asked to answer ninety questions. It offers a new type of reading experience in which the reader has an influence on the meaning of the word and which changes the nature of storytelling. The Karaat publishing house recently released Mundanza, which was originally published in 2008. It is a unique book, balancing on the verge of prose and poetry.