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Anneke Claus

The Netherlands


(c) Geert Snoeijer

As a teenager, Anneke Claus (1979) wrote poems and columns for the school newspaper and writing is something she has never given up. She writes books, films and plays, was the Groningen City Poet and has published four poetry collections. Begrafenis van de mannen (Burying the Men) (Lebowski, 2016) is her latest publication. This started as a collection of love poems, but now, as she describes it, it is about the relationships with several men in her life: the life of a girl in a man’s world. The ink illustrations by Bart Nijstad in the collection form a second voice to complement Claus’s poems.

“She flays and dissects, analyses and unmasks, and she does it all with a dry sort of venom lacking in viciousness. ‘Yasha, who I thought liked me because he always leaned towards me, just turned out to be shorter on one side.’ This is just one example of the hilarious wit that Claus has. (…) As a poet she is calm and superior, and in complete control, both stylistically and emotionally.” Eppie Dam in Dagblad van het Noorden.