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Arno van Vlierberghe


20180103-Gent-Belgium Portret van dichter Arno Van Vlierberghe. Hij heeft net bij uitgeverij Het Balanseer zijn eerste dichtbundel uit.

“Few poets approach poetry with as much rage as the Flemish debutant Arno Van Vlierberghe,” according to De Morgen. Arno Van Vlierberghe (1990) lives and works in Ghent and has previously published work in literary journals such as Het Liegend Konijn, Deus Ex Machina and nY. Last year his debut collection Vloekschrift (Het balanseer, 2017) was nominated for the C. Buddingh’ prize in 2018. In this experimental collection, the poet attacks today’s society and safe forms of poetry. Sprawl and rapid growth are central issues in the form of data networks, power-hungry individuals and more.

Wie komt in opstand en tegen wat? (Who is going to resist and against what?) Een Arno kwam opnieuw met lege handen op de thuisplek toe (Arno came home again with empty hands).” – ‘Nothing could be further from the truth. An undeniable poetic force is making waves and it is forcing us to understand the large opposition to what has already permeated poetry. Jury’s report for C.Buddingh’ prize