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broeder Dieleman

The Netherlands

Broeder Dieleman (1976) tells stories in music. The Zeelandic singer-songwriter is famous for his Dutch folk and after almost three years, he has released his long-awaited new album Komma¬†(Comma). This special double album about the creek area surrounding East-Zeeland-Flanders contains two CDs and a photobook. Broeder Dieleman takes you both visually and musically to Zeeland-Flanders, the place he comes from, lives and writes music. “I love music and texts that have their roots in nature and the landscape.” Broeder Dieleman¬†will be appearing at the ILFU Book Parade, which signals the start of the new literary year.

“Tonnie Dieleman, born in Zeelandic Flanders, has emerged from his shell in recent years and has succeeded in singing songs in his dialect that move many people outside of Zeeland. His texts talk about the polders where he grew up, the birds there and the deep-rooted faith.” (Willem Jongeneelen in Oor)

Broeder Dieleman will also be performing in Ekko in Utrecht on 25 October. Buy your tickets here.