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Buddy Tegenbosch

The Netherlands

New York, 20 juli 2017 Schrijver Buddy Tegenbosch foto/copyright: Martijn van de Griendt/naamsvermelding verplicht

The successful Young Adult author Buddy Tegenbosch (1975) is both an author and pilot. Tegenbosch published his first book Pokerface (Van Goor) in 2012, which was chosen for the Jonge Lijster list of novels for secondary schools. His second publication Oog om Oog (Eye for an Eye) (Van Goor, 2014), was also a Jonge Lijster novel and hailed as the best Young Adult title of 2015. Last year saw the release of the young adult thriller Livestream (Van Goor, 2017). To promote the book, Buddy made a special trip to New York to film a video trailer.