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Dan Hassler-Forest

The Netherlands

He is renowned for his extensive film knowledge and enthusiastic way of explaining things. Dan Hassler-Forest (1973) studied film studies and English literature and gained his doctorate in “Superhero Films and American Politics Post-9/11”. He is currently a lecturer in media studies at the University of Utrecht and regularly publishes books and articles about science fiction, zombies and comic books. He links these forms of popular culture to politics, ideologies and movements in the media industry. He has written several books, including Capitalist Superheroes (2012) and Transmedia: Verhalen Vertellen in het Digitale Tijdperk (Telling Stories in the Digital Age) (2014). His last book Science Fiction, Fantasy and Politics – Transmedia World-building Beyond Capitalism was published in August 2016. At the ILFU Humanities Night, Hassler-Forest will be giving a mini lecture entitled “Are we the baddies?” about the sometimes obvious roles we have assumed from popular culture.