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Esther Gerritsen

The Netherlands

©Paulina Szafranska

Esther Gerritsen (1972) is a writer and columnist for the VPRO Gids. Gerritsen studied Writing for Performance and Literary Form at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Although she used to write plays, she made her prose debut in 2000 with the collection Bevoorrecht bewustzijn (Privileged Awareness), published by the De Geus publishing house. They also published her novel Dorst (Thirst) in 2012. In this novel, Gerritsen talks about the inability to love and make real contact. This novel was adapted to film in 2018 by Saskia Diesing, a film that will also be shown during the ILFU. Her latest novel, De trooster (The Consoler), tells the story of a caretaker in parallel to the passion of Christ. In this story, Gerritsen analyses the relationships between people, the expectations and needs that play a role in these relationships and she questions the logic of matters. Esther will be appearing at the Book Club to discuss De trooster at the ILFU. In addition, she will be interviewed before the film Dorst about the film adaptation of her book.

“Gerritsen moves the reader with her subtle, intelligent descriptions of human errors. However, this book is mainly about the hope, faith and happiness that¬†Gerritsen has captured so pure and precise. (…) The story is almost a Greek tragedy and yet De trooster is a book that has its lighter moments.” (Persis Bekkering in De Volkskrant)