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Fatma Aydemir


TURKEY, Istanbul. German author Fatma Aydemir in Istanbul.

As the grandchild of Turkish immigrants, the German writer Fatma Aydemir (1986) shares an insight into the European-Turkish society in her controversial début novel, Elbow. Eighteen-year-old Hazal is a German-Turkish girl who is so frustrated by the daily judgements and discrimination she experiences that she pushes a German student in front of the metro in a drunken rage one night. Hazal flees to Istanbul, her so-called roots, where she has never been in her life. In newspaper photos she sees the smile on her face while she attacks the boy. And still she feels no remorse.

Elbow is one of the most important novels of our time, a tale that deserves to be read alongside Tirza by Arnon Grunberg and Platform by Michel Houellebecq. What Head-On did for German cinema — ripping open brutal wounds and not healing them again — Fatma Aydemir does for European literature.”  David van Reybrouck in De Correspondent.