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Frank Westerman

The Netherlands

© Llionn

Frank Westerman (1964) is a journalist and writer. He worked as a correspondent from the Slavic states for the Volkskrant and NRC Handelsblad in the early 1990s. It’s no surprise that he also mainly writes non-fiction or the “literature of facts” as the author calls it himself. He has been awarded many prizes for his books, including the Golden Book-Owl in 2005. At the start of this year, Westerman started work as an editor at the Querido Fosfor publishing house. He will release his latest work, Wij, de mens (We, the human), about a philosophical journey into our fossilised past, in October. During the ILFU Book Parade he will be sharing a sneak preview of the book.

About Wij, de mens: September 2003. In a cave on Flores, Indonesia, a fossilised prehistoric person is exposed, measuring barely a metre high. Around her are skeletons of rats as big as dogs, jabirus measuring six feet and elephants as small as ponies. What does this discovery say about us and where did they come from? Frank Westerman goes in search of answers with a group of students.