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Hagar Peeters

The Netherlands

© Koos Breukel

After studying Cultural History and Literary Theory, Hagar Peeters (1972) started working as an editor for the Historisch Nieuwsblad. She performed at the Night of Poetry before she had even published her first poem. Two years later, Peeters’ debut collection Genoeg gedicht over de liefde vandaag (An end to writing poetry about love) (Podium, 1999) was published, which was nominated for the NPS Culture Prize. Her second collection was awarded the Jo Peters Poetry Prize and the J.C. Bloem Prize. Peeters’ first novel Malva (De Bezige Bij, 2015) was published to rave reviews in 2015. In 2009, she released Op een vlot van helderheid, her anthology about the work of M. Vasalis. Hagar Peeters will be introducing the play Vasalis, altijd vandaag at the ILFU.