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Hans Achterhuis

The Netherlands

© Linda Bertels

Hans Achterhuis (1942) is emeritus professor in philosophy at the University of Twente and writes regular reviews and reflections for De Volkskrant and the Tijdschrift voor Filosofie. In 2011 he was named the first Philosopher of the Fatherland, a title that befits what he has tried to achieve throughout his career: to connect philosophy to current social issues. His books have won multiple prizes and he has twice been awarded the Socrates Wisselbeker for the best philosophy book of the year. Achterhuis is strongly influenced by Hannah Arendt. In the upcoming season, he will be teaching a course about Arendt’s work for The House of Literature. Achterhuis will be discussing Hannah Arendt and her take on the banality of evil at the ILFU Humanities Night.