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Hans Boland

The Netherlands

Hans Boland (1951) is a Slavic scholar and he has translated Pushkin and Dostoevsky into Dutch. His translations have been awarded the Aleida Schot Prize, the Filter Translation Prize and the Martinus Nijhoff Translation Prize. Boland’s new translation of Tolstoy’s masterpiece Anna Karenina was published last year. With his new interpretation, Boland has “brought [the book] to life again and made it into a contemporary novel”, according to NRC Handelsblad. Boland has also published his first novel this year. Vaderinstinct (Father Instinct) (Van Oorschot, 2018) is highly autobiographical and tells the story a father who won’t give up his son and grandson despite strong family feuds. Translator/author Boland will be discussing his new novel at the ILFU Book Parade and he will be attending the ILFU Book Club on Anna Karenina, plus the Anna Karenina Gala.