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Jean-Marc van Tol

The Netherlands

Jean-Marc van Tol (1967) is best known for his weekly Fokke & Sukke drawings for NRC Handelsblad – the characters he created with John Reid and Bastiaan Geleijnse when he was a student. This year saw him release something completely different. Alongside his job as a freelance comic book illustrator, Van Tol has spent the last few years writing Musch (Catullus, 2018), the first part of a trilogy about the life of Johan de Witt, who was a key figure in Dutch politics in the 17th century. The debut novel has been based on thorough research, although the author has used his artistic license. Musch tells the story from a range of perspectives about the fight for power in the Dutch Republic, in which the corrupt Griffier of the States-General of the Netherlands, Cornelis Musch, played an important role.