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Kerim Göçmen

Turkey / The Netherlands

Nederland, Amsterdam, 14 november 2012, portret, Metin Citirikkadioglu, Kerim Gocmen, koepel Centraal Station Amsterdam, spoor 1, schrijver, auteur, columnist, Uitgever van Oorschot Foto Bart Koetsier/HH

The Dutch-Turkish writer Kerim Göçmen (1957) was born in Izmit, a city to the east of Istanbul, and moved to the Netherlands at 19. This was when he started writing short stories. In 2013 he released his first collection of stories Het geheim van de kromme neuzen (The Secret of the Crooked Noses) and he published his first novel, Rode kornoeljes (Red Dogwood), in 2014. The Van Oorschot publishing house released his novel Kroniek van mijn schoolvakanties (Chronicle of My School Holidays) this year, which is a sensitive portrait of the Turkish countryside in the 1970s, where the main protagonist spends his school holidays. It features restrained lyrical descriptions in a tale about the ambitions and illusions of a modern romantic.

“An unexpected jewel, written with a delightful feeling for nuance. Rode kornoeljes has been lovingly written with a fine eye for minor human weaknesses and the uncertainty of sociopolitical developments. It is more reminiscent of novels by Theodor Fontane or Italo Svevo than (post-)modern literature, yet it is precisely this old-fashioned patina that gives this novel its own unique, soothing character.” Rob Schouten in Trouw.