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Koffie en Kaas

The Netherlands

Nienke Weijsenfeld

The Utrecht-based Koffie en Kaas theatre company was founded by dramatist Nienke Weijsenfeld. She works with different artists for each performance, but Koffie en Kaas always produce visual and musical story theatre for young and old. Artistic leader Nienke Weijsenfeld produces youth theatre that appeals to children’s imaginations. She is looking to connect with the audience with her play. “We transport children to an atmospheric, fictitious world where life is good because it is safe and simple. The use of live music plays an important role in this. The theme of the performances is mainly to do with being a strong individual. They are about how you relate to the world.” Koffie en Kaas will be performing De Mier (The Ant), based on a story by Toon Tellegen, as part of the Library for Kids programme at the ILFU.