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Lisa Halliday

United States

Portrait photograph of "Asymmetry" Author Lisa Halliday in her home in Milan, Italy

The American Lisa Halliday (1977) delivered the literary sensation of the year with her debut novel, Asymmetry. In the novel, Alice, a young editor with writing ambitions, begins an affair with Ezra Blazer, a world-famous, much older author. Before she made her literary debut, Halliday worked at a literary agency for many years and it didn’t take the American press long to recognise the literary agent Halliday and her former client Philip Roth in the main protagonists. In addition to the autobiographical storyline about Alice, Asymmetry also describes the release of Amar Ala Jafaari, an Iraqi-American economist who is detained at the airport when he is travelling to visit family in Kurdistan. What do these characters have in common and how are their lives connected to each other? Atlas Contact will publish the Dutch translation of Asymmetry by Lisette Graswinckel in September.

“The fact the book has received a flurry of attention in the States is definitely because of the quality of the book (very high) but also the actual topic (young editor has affair with Nobel Prize-winning older author) and also the autobiographical element of the young editor and the Nobel Prize-winning author.” Joost de Vries in De Groene Amsterdammer.

“Blisteringly, scorchingly intelligent, this book is made up of three parts, of which the (a)symmetry between the second and the other parts in particular raise as many questions as admiration.” •••• Roos van Rijswijk in NRC Handelsblad.