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Marja Pruis

The Netherlands

© Bob Bronshoff

After her Dutch and General Linguistics studies, Marja Pruis (1959) began writing pieces on a freelance basis for De Groene Amsterdammer. From 1998 she wrote weekly articles about Dutch literature and since 2007, she has been a regular contributor to the editorial team. In 2016 she received the Heldring prize, a prize for the best columnist in the Netherlands, for her literary columns in the newspaper. In addition to articles about various topics – from Dutch literature to beauty ideals – Pruis has also written well-received novels. Her novel Zachte Riten (Soft Rites) (Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2016) was shortlisted for both the ECI and the Libris Literature Prize. Her most recent title is Genoeg nu over mij. Confessies van een ervaren schamer (Enough About Me. Confessions of an Experienced Shamer) (Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2017). At the ILFU novel evening, Marja Pruis will be discussing feminism with Niña Weijers and Joost de Vries with reference to the novel The First Stone by Helen Garner.

The First Stone was ahead of its time. The questions that Garner asks about the definition of sexual violence, victimhood, consent and confusion, the generational gulf between the feminists of now and then, including, of course, the blind spots in front of her own eyes, make her book informative and topical.” Marja Pruis in De Groene Amsterdammer.