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Mary Heylema

The Netherlands

Children’s author and poet Mary Heylema (1959) wanted to be a cowboy, explorer or a deckhand. Unfortunately, none of these plans worked out, but as an author, Heylema can be whatever she wants to be. In her latest book for young people, Nu even niet (Not right now) (2017), she is a detective, in a tale full of excitement and humour. In addition to children’s books, Heylema also writes songs and musical theatre, and she is a regular contributor to the poetry journal Dichter published by Plint. Her poems ‘Hebben slakken een deurbel’ (Do snails have a doorbell) and ‘Kniekousenthee’ (Knee-length sock tea) were included in Gerrit Komrijs’s anthology De Nederlandse kinderpo√ęzie in 1000 en enige gedichten (Dutch Children’s Poetry in 1000 and Some Poems). Mary Heylema also runs workshops and storytelling events for children and regularly writes poems for the magazine Dichter¬†(Poet). She will be performing on Saturday afternoon on 29 September during the Children’s Night.