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Niña Weijers

The Netherlands

Nederland, Amsterdam, 21 September 2013 Nina Weijers, auteur Foto: Merlijn Doomernik

Niña Weijers (1987) studied literary theory and wrote short stories and essays for a range of journals. She is currently working as a columnist and critic for De Groene Amsterdammer and she is editor of De Gids. In 2014 Weijers released her first novel De consequenties which has since been translated into French, German, English (The Consequences) and Czech. This debut novel was awarded the Anton Wachter Prize, the audience prize of the Golden Book-Owl and the Opzij Literature Prize. Niña Weijers will be at the ILFU novel evening with Marja Pruis and Joost de Vries, discussing feminism with regard to Simon de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex.

“Weijers has written a debut novel that sparkles with ambition and is bursting with fascinating ideas.” (•••• Thomas de Veen in NRC Handelsblad)