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Roelof ten Napel

The Netherlands

Nederland, Utrecht, 8 april 2014 Roelof ten Napel, auteur Foto: Merlijn Doomernik

Roelof ten Napel (1993) is a writer and mathematician. He made his debut in 2014 with the book Constellaties (Constellations), for which he received a C.C.S. Crone grant from the municipality of Utrecht. His novel, Het leven zelf (Life Itself), was published by Atlas Contact publishing house last year. In this novel, Ten Napel uses an investigative and analytical style to describe the life of Amos after he decided to stop competitive swimming. He has never considered the fact that swimming may have been the basis for his existence. The story takes us on a working holiday in France, two boys in the dunes, an attic full of photos, and finally returns to the water’s edge. Het leven zelf has been nominated for the prize for Best Book for Young People, which will be handed out at ILFU.

“Emotional, but always clear and analytical: whereas other writers opted to resort to tears & tissues, Ten Napel continues to think about events via his characters.” •••• Sebastiaan Kort in NRC Handelsblad.