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Ronald Giphart

The Netherlands


According to De Groene Amsterdammer ‘Giphart has succeeded in attracting a following of readers with his highly unique style and in making the general public, and everyone in the world of literature, reconsider what literature means, time and again.’ Ronald Giphart (1965) is best known for his books Ik ook van jou (Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 1992) – for which won a Gouden Ezelsoor award – and Phileine zegt sorry (Podium, 1996). He has penned many books and stories and received the C.C.S. Crone prize for his oeuvre. In the 25 years since Giphart released his first novel he has made 1,500 public appearances, which are always lively and funny events. We welcome him to this year’s ILFU Night of the Novel, where he will discuss his awe at the work of Philip Roth, who passed away earlier this year.