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Vesna Goldsworthy

Serbia / Great Britain

Vesna Goldsworthy (1961) is an author and poet. She was born in Belgrade, where she studied literary theory and comparative literature. In 1984 she moved to London and started working at the BBC and teaching at university. She has written academic texts, memoirs and collections of poetry. In 2015 the Dutch translation of her novel Gorsky was released by Atlas Contact. It is a stylish, refined satire, an ode to London and literature, and a beautiful fictional tableau of the Russian elite. In 2018 she published Monsieur Ka (Vintage Publishing), a complex follow-up to the story of Anna Karenina. We find ourselves in London during the Second World War. We follow the story of Mr Carr, who appears to be none other than the son of Anna Karenina. Carr is the Anglicised version of Karenin. According to The Guardian, the novel is much more than a story of ‘what happened next’: it is a story about identity, exile and literature: ‘Much of the pleasure of reading this remarkable novel comes from its passionate dedication to the power of stories.’ Goldsworthy will be discussing Monsieur Ka at the Anna Karenina Gala.