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Viv Groskop

Great Britain

Viv Groskop (1973) is a British writer, comedian and journalist. She writes for many publications, including The Guardian, The Observer and the Daily Mail, with a feminist take on art, culture and literature. In addition, Groskop regularly performs as a stand-up comedian and she has published several books. Her novel The Anna Karenina Fix, Life Lessons From Russian Literature (Penguin, 2017) was released in 2017. With a Master’s in Russian Studies, Russia and her culture were already a frequent topic of Viv’s publications and shows. In The Anna Karenina Fix, she demonstrates how the novels of great Russians can guide us in our modern, complicated lives. And even if you think that a novel about a woman who throws herself in front a train at the end of the book is maybe not the ideal self-help book, Groskop points out in a subtle, erudite and funny way what we can actually learn from Anna Karenina: ‘I am not saying that Tolstoy is Oprah Winfrey with a beard (Well, I am saying that a bit). And in any case, it’s just fun to think of the two of them together.’

“In this enchanting biblio-memoir, comedian, broadcaster and russophile Viv Groskop takes readers on a whistlestop tour through Russian literature by means of what she’s learned from the classics.” Lucy Scholes in The Guardian.


“You don’t have to enjoy self-help manuals to appreciate this combination of life-lesson and dialectic. And, having never attempted this literary Everest myself, Groskop’s chapter on War and Peace made me want to start that book as soon as I’d finished hers.” Jonathan McAloon in The Irish Times.