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The theatre companies ‘t Barre land and Tijdelijke Samenscholing are joining forces with independent actors Phi Nguyen, Yorke Mulder-Bhangoo and Sarah Jonker. Together they will be performing the political farce Hin und her, by the writer Ödön von Horvath, for the first time in the Netherlands. This folk play with live music and song shows the hopeless and absurd position of a nobody who is turfed out of his own country, but also isn’t allowed into his country of birth. He becomes entangled in political intrigues, illegal smuggling and classic love affairs.

Introduction by Mart-Jan Zegers: 7.00 pm.
Performance: 8.00 pm.

Ödön von Horvath (1901-1938) is one of the most important authors of German exile literature. He lived in the collapsed Austro-Hungarian Empire of the post-First World War period with a large number of stateless people who had been cast adrift without any form of protection or rights. “The enormous struggle between the individual and society forms the basis of my work; this eternal struggle without ever knowing peace, at best it is the illusion that an individual can enjoy a moment of ceasefire now and again.” Horváth was not political, but he was an engaged writer who brought the daily life of the normal man to the stage with an unprecedented nuance and a subtle critical undertone. He empathetically described the fates of the (small) citizens in a post-war Central Europe that was ripped apart by hope and fear. In his introduction Mart-Jan Zegers, dramatist and theatre lecturer at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, will explain how Von Horváth’s plays also touch on our modern life in many respects and how they hold up a mirror to us.

Hin und Her
Hin und her tackles the awful absurdity of reality. A certain person – a nobody, an oversight, an official matter – is banished from country X, but he isn’t allowed into his country of birth Y because his citizenship has expired. He walks over the bridge where border guards must guard the borders on both sides. In his borderless existence, he becomes entangled in political intrigues, illegal smuggling and classic love affairs.

Supplemented with other sources and fragments – with live music and song, improvisation and without any significant scenery – Hin und Her is performed in the no man’s land between the two countries: on the wooden bridge across the border river, but also on the stage, in the room, with the words and in the mind.

Please visit the Hin und her website and enter the Hin und Her competition. Film a scene from the play with your theatre company and you could be in with a chance of winning €500.


Writers and Artists:

Mart-Jan Zegers

Friday 28 September

Time: 19:00 Hour
Admission fees: €9 – €18
Language: Nederlands


Theater Kikker
Ganzenmarkt 14
3512 GD Utrecht Nederland