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Today, the ILFU and the Netherlands Film Festival are joining forces for a day full of literature and film. Featuring four films, plus an introduction or subsequent discussion, based on novels by Dutch authors. Tickets for this will go on sale at the same time as tickets for the Netherlands Film Festival (start of September), but we can already announce which films we will be screening.

14:00 | Dorst [Thirst]
Directed by: Saskia Diesing, after the novel of the same name by Esther Gerritsen

Coco has no idea what to do with her life. Until it turns out that her mother, Elisabeth, is terminally ill. She sees her chance and moves in with her mother so that she can care for her. This is despite their distant relationship and the fact that her mother wants to die alone. A family drama full of dark humour about good intentions, foolish expectations and the unattainable longing for solidarity.

16:00 | Wij [We]
Directed by: Rene Eller, after the novel of the same name by Elvis Peeters

During a scorchingly hot summer in a village on the Belgian-Dutch border, eight teenagers try to relieve the tedious monotony. They play a game of discovery, which starts off as harmless mischief, but they constantly challenge themselves and each other further and further. Curiosity and sexuality soon cross the boundaries of what’s permissible. As innocence is destroyed through perverse games and rock-hard exploitation, the boys and girls turn into ruthless predators. And then something goes horribly wrong.

20:15 | Engel [Angel]
Directed by: Koen Mortier, after the novella by Dimitri Verhulst (PREMIÈRE)

Engel [Angel] is the story of the meeting of a prostitute, Fae, with the world-famous sports star Thierry. While on holiday in Senegal, he falls head-over-heels in love with the beauty of Africa. They find dignity and hope together in order to free themselves from their difficult situations. However, their love for each other takes precedence over this mutual feeling. Until, while under the influence, Thierry starts acting strangely. When Fae finds out the following morning that Thierry has died, she is arrested, even though she is innocent. In order to be able to carry on with her life, she has to return to the room where it all started…

Based on Dimitri Verhulst’s novella Monoloog van iemand die het gewoon werd tegen zichzelf te praten [Monologue of Someone Accustomed to Talking to Herself].

21:30 | Niemand in de stad [Nobody in the City]
Directed by: Michiel van Erp, after the novel of the same name by Philip Huff (PREMIÈRE)

Three young friends reach adulthood, through trial and error, during their student days in Amsterdam. A sudden death within the friendship group brings matters to a head. In this turbulent period, they try to break away from their parents and background, they find out what the meaning of friendship is and Matt (Jonas Smulders), Jacob (Chris Peters) and Philip (Minne Koole) discover who they really are.



Friday 28 September

Time: 14:00 - 22:00 Hour
Category: ,
Language: Nederlands

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